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Pet Grooming

From the tiniest Pomeranian to the biggest Great Dane we can cater to all breeds, sizes, types and personalities. We are often booked 8 weeks in advance for grooming appointments so book ahead to avoid disappointment.


We can even do cats for those felines that need some assistance in the grooming department!

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Doggy Day Care

Your dog will spend the day playing with other dogs and partaking in other fun activities like playing with the hose and in the water pools, fetching balls and other enrichment activities with our dedicated supervisors. All that play and mental stimulation results in a happy but tired dog, which means less destructiveness at home! Dogs enjoy a relaxed nap time in the afternoon and can be separated if necessary. 

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Pet Boarding

Our climate controlled suites are perfect for pampered pooches who enjoy the finer things in life. With day care included you can rest assured your pet is keeping busy in your absence and probably won't even have time to miss you!


Included in the cost is a premium raw food diet, daily day care and plenty of human love and attention.

Dog Food

Food & Retail

We have freezers full of raw meat, bones and Home Brews.  We stock Lenny's Kitchen and LifeWise, plus lots of funky and unique toys, accessories and more. 

Pop in anytime to check out the wide range of treats & chews, plus plenty of natural grooming products and even health boosting supplements. Something for every dog and furry friend!

"Amazing staff- generous and kind, awesome grooming skills and they LOVE dogs!!"


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